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Originally Posted by plowking
Anyone know what a good bench press is for a girl?
My girlfriend has been coming with me to the gym the last 2 or 3 months, and I have her doing a few light chest movements, but she saw me doing bench press and wanted to give it a go since she thought it looked fun. She's only 53kg (115lbs I guess?) and she managed to put up 30kg (65lbs) twice. I was actually quite impressed but she was disappointed in herself lol...

That's good for a first timer. She can really get that up with proper periodic action.

My sister is same weight puts up 85 times 5 but has bicep definition.

I've observed that girls can attain some respectable bench and squat numbers but are pretty lousy at chins and dead lifts. Like that famous crossfit chick could do five pull-ups what the hell and like a 150 jerk and a 250 squat Must have something to do with hips and tits.
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