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Default Re: Unclear if D-Rose will play this season

Originally Posted by ljsbb27
I want to see The Return this season.

With that said if he's not back by the 31st against Detroit I don't see him coming back.

He needs to get at least 10 or so games in before the playoffs start to get in some type of rhythm as well as play in some actual games.

I just wish he would watch the tapes of Ricky Rubio's first 10-15 games, how awful he was and how he is playing much better now bec he has learned to cope and that the more games he plays the better he gets.
That older guys like Nash, Kidd, Andre Miller and even CP3 are not very athletic the past 4 years and YET they are still so effective for their respective teams.
Is it the question of him not "feeling and/or looking good" about himself and not feeling good that he can contribute whatever he can to help his team? out?
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