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Default Re: Teach an old schooler about "Jorts"

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
I think the older you get, the less you wear shorts...your clothes shopping starts to revolve around work more than anything else...and then when taking the wife out to eat or something you can't wear shorts....outdoor activities become less and less.

When your a kid you can wear shorts all day every day, not so much when your a working adult.
We may just have to agree to disagree on this one. Well, maybe not disagree, but maybe just understand that everyone's different I guess. I'm not sure how old you mean when you say "the older you get" but as a 29 year old I still have both work clothes and non-work clothes. I'm not really sure how much that's going to change over time. I shop for affordable dress shirts, slacks, shoes, but I also shop for affordable non-work wear (shorts, jeans, t-shirts, etc.).

I'm also not sure how much my outdoor activities will lessen over the years. I mean, I can see it lessening, but not to the point where I'd be able to just forget about owning clothing for those situations. I exercise on a regular basis, play basketball, enjoy hiking and biking, going to the beach or just flat out being outside doing nothing in particular. I'm not big on coming home and sitting inside all day everyday. I like being inside, but not all the time, even in the event of being married with kids. Even with girlfriends, a lot of the things we do take place outdoors. For instance, we're both not likely to go get ice cream and walk around the city on a hot summer weekend day in our work clothes.

I understand my father is just one example, but he's an example nonetheless. He was a professional for over 30 years - wearing suits to work everyday and all of that good stuff. But he still owned and wore casual clothing anytime he was out of work, including shorts. I can't say everyone must adhere to those clothing standards, but I do not think it's some kind of certainty that all folks stop going outside and only buy dress clothes as they become an adult.

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