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Default Re: Teach an old schooler about "Jorts"

here you go rake/kent

How wearing more can cool you off

GRAND RAPIDS (WZZM) -- Many people wear less clothing to stay cool in the summer heat, but for centuries people in another part of the world have actually worn several layers of clothing and stayed cool.

In the deserts of the Middle East, Bedouins and Arabs wear robes of many layers from head to toe -- even on the hottest days.

"When I wear these things, I don't feel hot," says Wafa Haddad of the TigerLily Arabic Language Academy in Grand Rapids. "They don't add heat. They will help you absorb all the sweat, and you will protect yourself from the sun."

Haddad is from Lebanon, where temperatures often hit 100 degrees or more.

Over thousands of years, people in the Middle East developed sub-blocking garments that allow perspiration and skin-cooling evaporation to maximize the body's natural air conditioning.

not that I am suggesting that people in Florida should dress like that
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