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Default Re: Unclear if D-Rose will play this season

I feel like a broken record, but here goes nothing(and to be fair, everyone sounds like a broken record on Rose speculation).

Simple explanation:
Rose 10 minutes before game 1 of the playoffs last season = 100% healthy.
Rose cleared by Doctors for LESS than a month =/= 100%.
Rose declared he wants to be 110%. Translation = stronger than he was, before he tore his ACL.
The human body doesn't build and condition joints and muscle at 10% per week.
If Rose is healthy, but not 100% now, and he wants to be 110% with the blessing and FULL support of the Bulls organization(the only thing that is 110%), FULL support of his teammates, and it takes about 3 weeks to improve conditioning by each step, then we're looking at mid-April(or just flat out shutting Derrick down for the season.)
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