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Default Re: Bioshock Infinite

Originally Posted by glidedrxlr22
I could never get into the first Bioshock. I tried, but it just didn't interest me. I might have to check this third one out. All the great reviews have me interested.

You will like this one better.

The first Bioshock was great but the closed environment, and close quarters, mixed with some mechanics that weren't as good as other FPS of the time and it sometimes was hard to get into. I love it but I myself found myself playing it in shorter increments than other games that I had marathons with (Half-Life 2 for example).

Infinite is completely open, for the most part. And the FPS mechanics are a little better to handle. The vigors are also easier to handle (vigor wheel ftw) which leads to smoother, faster paced fighting. It's also prettier to look at so you will find yourself wandering around more than you did in the first game, which is saying a lot. I played for near two hours yesterday and I still haven't reached the girl because I was compelled to explore every nook and cranny of Columbia.

Finally all the game changes have made Bioshock Infinite easier. Now don't misunderstand me, it is not EASY, but the first Bioshock was hard. I am a really good at video games on average, I'm great at some. I breeze through most FPSs no problem but I found myself constantly dying in Bioshock. This slowed up the pacing. Infinite is still hard (turrets all over the place) but you have escape routes, you have cover, and you have better mechanics to fight back. No more meeting Big Daddy's in a tiny ass room.

The fights are EPIC too! Wave, after wave, after wave, and it really stretches you. In true Bioshock fasion visibility is a major issue in the game, they have replaced the sheer darkness of the original with other tricks, smoke, fire, etc. To sum up, this Bioshock is more fun than the original.

I really think you should pick this one up, even if you didn't like the original.
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