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Default Re: My brother's girlfriend is one of my closest friends and now they broke up..

Originally Posted by millwad
That certain post about being a female was written more than a year prior to you registrating to this site. So you're some sad poster who uses your current account as an alt. to get attention which is even more sad. And people in that thread got that it was a joke and they found it to be funny.

And your weird posts about you having a small dick is even more lame, wouldn't be the slightest surprised if you actually are Godzuki considering that he was obsessed with ***** and that he always used that troll post about me being a female as a lame punchline. And your nickname is very close to his alt. "Budai" and last but not least, you started to post as soon as Godzuki "left" this site.

Even if you're not Godzuki, you're obviously some sad attention craving kid with a small dick.

Stay mad, fat boy.

Spewing out your insecurities like a small child. Bigger loser than I originally thought. You really take your online rep seriously.

"your life must suck"
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