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Originally Posted by Kaspah
Okay for single girls.

I can see chicks getting comfortable in marriage, long relationships and after becoming mothers. But.

Single chicks.

Fat single chicks. Can you make an argument that they've legitimately given up? Like chicks are held up to this standard to be lady like, and easy on the eyes. If you're a fat chick, it's like, what? You're doing it all wrong, you're a chick you have to be hot lol. Even the girls who aren't super pretty can still be attractive if they're fit. Being a fat chick is just throwing in the towel I don't get it.


Lotta ni99as these days accept fat/overweight/"thick" chicks the way they are so they see no reason to improve on their situation. Lot of em are lazy as **** to im sure that doesn't help at all...Let dudes standards all sharply rise around the world and you will stop seeing so many fat b1tches walkin around
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