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Default Re: Jodie Meeks (The New Pippen)

Nah, Meeks is the next Michael Jordan. Easily. I think he can even exceed Jordan. The guy is that great. I have never seen any guard play better than Meeks. Give him 35 mpg and I think the guy can average 33pts on 57% shooting and 41% from 3pt line and 94% from FT line. Heck, I think he might also be a better defender than Gary "The Glove" Payton! Maybe he will help Kobe end up with 13 championships.

This guy might also become richer than Tiger Woods and truly surpass a billion dollars within 10 years from all the Nike deals. He can also piss into an urinal without ever having to unzip, and he would destroy Bruce Lee with both his hands and legs tied to a chair. Meeks is truly a god.

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