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Originally Posted by IamRAMBO24
You do know most guys want to f*ck fat girls right. I would say 99.9% of ISH members have slept with a fat girl or have contemplated about it at one point or another.

These guys act like they all won't settle for less and is only willing to go at it with a Kate Upton or Jessica Alba, but that is all ficitonal-delusional day dreaming: the reality is these hot model types constitute less than 5% of the population and fat girls make up over 60% of the population (look up the stats), and to make matters worst, the 5% are only sleeping with the top 5% guys and maybe 10% of the ugly guys after he's been their "best friend" for so many years and she has a change of heart, so sleeping with a fat girl isn't really a choice, it's something you got to do if you want to get your d*ck wet in today's society.

Don't let these guys fool you with their fake facade. They're sleeping with fat chicks too; the difference between them and I is I'm the only one with the balls to admit it.
1. Stop making up percentages. Unless you have a link to a study leave your made up data at home.
2. The main reason I don't like fat girls is because I take care of my body, if you can't do the same I don't have to be with you if I don't want to. Fat is unhealthy, it causes a lot of diseases when you're old and I am not taking care of anyone in my old life due to you being irresponsible with your body.
3. I don't like to have to push the fat away in order to penetrate her puss1. That is just disgusting.
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