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Default Re: New riddle for the unchallenged mind!

Originally Posted by NotYetGreat
What do you mean by "between A and C?" There's no straight line connecting the two points, but I'm not sure if you mean from A to E then E to C is 7 units.
It meant distance from A to C in straight line is 7.

what does "E is the bottom of T" mean? If it means at the base, then I think it's relatively easy to find the height of the pyramid which is also TE.
yep, the height is what's asked.

That's not a riddle that's a boring ass math question. You present that to Gollum and he smacks you across the head and feasts upon your unconscious body.

Give us a nice riddle, that requires thinking outside the box and creativity, not a pen and a pad

Well see if you can find it given those information.
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