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Default Re: America is full of materialistic idiots

Originally Posted by joe
What's wrong with being materialistic? To be materialistic simply means you want new things to help improve your life. Those things might not be NEEDS, but who cares? Do we really need toilet paper? Do kids really need toy cars? No.. but those things make life that much sweeter. I'd rather be in a materialistic society than a third-world society.

Great post, joe.

Most of the people who have their sh!t together and like the finer thing sin life (those that I know of)
have their
Friendships and Relationships
Life Purpose/Education
Sexual Needs
Rites of Passage (Diploma, Conquering Fears, all that important schtuff needed to become a man)
type stuff down way before they start to go bonkers on the cars the clothes the special shoerheads with the led lights or that awesome ergonomic chair

It is not bad when it is an addition to your foundation of life. Like ornaments on a strong, sturdy Christmas Tree.

It is a problem when it replaces issues that need to be dealt with. Spontaneous shopping sprees to relieve stress from financial suffering beign one of them.
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