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Default Re: Ridiculous and common misconceptions about sports

I hate the whole idea of "clutch players", at least when it comes to the sports I follow the most (baseball and basketball).

IMO, there is no such thing as a "clutch player". Someone can make clutch plays, sure, but being "clutch" is not a skill. Great players will generally always be the most clutch ones simply because they are great/productive to begin with. Not the other way around. There are exceptions the rule like for guys who can't shoot FTs in basketball but are amazing otherwise.

If being clutch was a skill, we'd see overall average players that suddenly rise up to the occasion on a regular basis in these clutch situations. That doesn't happen in the long-run. It's generally the best overall players in the sport. And no, Robert Horry hitting a couple huge shots in a long career isn't a regular basis.
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