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Default Re: Thread of Creatures of amazing colours and imaginations

Originally Posted by UConnCeltics
I love everything about sharks, except swimming with the big ones.


When a pregnant dusky shark was caught in the Gulf of California in 2011, fishermen found quite a surprise. Alongside 9 normal pups was a white pup with a single large eye. Other abnormalities were also noticed - the pup had no pigment, no nostrils, a bump on its snout and deformed tail and spine. It's very doubtful the pup would have survived outside the womb.


Sea pen is a marine cnidarians, colony of polyps (small anemonelike individuals) working together for the survival of the whole. It got its namebecause of its appearance that resembles an oldtime feather pen; serves as food for some sea stars and nudibranchs (sea slugs). Belongs to the order Pennatulacea and feeds on zooplankton.
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