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Default Re: Ridiculous and common misconceptions about sports

I think the term clutch means the ability to perform at an incredible level when there is the most pressure on you, when the stakes are highest and every moment is being magnified and scrutinized. Some people tend to do well in these moments and rise to the occasion. They are able to maintain composure and elevate their game despite and/or with the help of increased adrenaline and electricity in the stands.

Others can play great for 3 quarters and choke or freeze up when it's do or die, the crowd is going crazy and you know if you miss, it will be replayed over and over on espn, etc. Aka Chris Webber time out

All these factors come into play. The word does get thrown around too often. But there are definitely players that have the ability to do better under these conditions, or at least not let it affect their play
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