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Default Re: Ridiculous and common misconceptions about sports

Originally Posted by -p.tiddy-
being a Dallas fan, all teams, Cowboys, Mavs (pre-ring), and even Rangers...I know fully how overblown the word "choke" is is used in half the games that are played

the worst misconception to me is "clutch gene" though playing well in the 4th quarter rather than the first 3 quarters is someone engraved in our DNA. Romo threw an INT in the 4th?...oh that is his missing clutch gene, he was born without that poor guy ...(nevermind the fact that he actually threw more INTs on average at beginings of games)
it's just all so simple minded and stupid...
I will play devil's advocate.Clutch means coming through under pressure. In the final minutes of the game with the game in the balance. You either step up or you fold under. Romo has repeatedly thrown ints in final possessions. He has earned his "choker" label.
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