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Default Re: Ridiculous and common misconceptions about sports

Originally Posted by Scholar
- A Cavaliers fan is suddenly a Miami Heat fan as of 2010, but he's been the fan of Miami from the get-go. It just so happens that now everyone else is noticing his fan-dom. (Yeah, keep telling yourselves that, LeBron homers)

- A scrub who averages 50% FG in the guard position could average the same if he started over his All-Star teammate... Umm... No. Usually the scrub who hits 50% of his shots is hitting them because the star is drawing all the defense away. Make that scrub the 1st option and chances are his FG% drops significantly.
My school there are TONS of bandwagon Miami fans. Then they act all superior (I'm an Orlando fan) when you know they just flip-flop
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