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Default Re: We're flying Stealth Bombers over South Korea

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
nothing will happen. the second North Korea thinks of launching something they'd get blown off the map. They can't be that stupid as to actually mobilize against the US. North Korea puffing its chest by blowing up a warship and bombing some islands. It's a tragedy that people were killed in those attacks but in terms of overall threat to the United States specifically, it's kinda a ridiculous.

The problem is that in North Korea decisions aren't exactly made collectively. Might be a strange comparison - but think of N.Korea as the Joker and the US as Batman.

US can blow North Korea off the map, but they're going to take serious heat for it in the international community - especially if attacks spillover into China.

Not to mention the people actively involved in the attack very likely exit the country before then.

I don't think anyone doubts the US capability to destroy shit, but some might care about it less. In a world where the US every action is highly scrutinized, having North Korea being destroyed might fit the agenda of the people who plan to attack them
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