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Default Re: A little help with my blog

It appears that you're going for a clean minimalist look which I dig.

But it appears to be cluttered.

Almost all of the content is centered closely together, you should spread things out just a bit. It'll make it less congested and be easier to read.

Another possible modification (although not necessary) is either a different font, text color or something to divide the sections. Nothing really differentiates the different sections aside from the title up top, example:

Recent Posts

Yes the heading of that section is in bold, but it doesn't really stand out on its own. Check out to see how they section off their site. It's clean and simple, but you can easily see how things are divided.

Here's a web site that helps break down spacing and white space usage:

Here's a quote:

An Analogy
Letís say youíre in a store. It wouldnít be a comfortable or pleasant experience if you had trouble moving around due to the overcrowded aisles, alongside the sales assistant constantly prompting you with their special offers. Thereís just too much to look at and you have neither the time nor the patience to find what you originally came in looking for. Itís not nice.
This is one of the key features of why Apple stores work so well. Theyíre very minimalist and a large amount of the shop floor is given to the products themselves. However, should you venture into another PC store, youíre consumed by endless aisles of machines that look and function differently. In my experience, the minimalist shopping experience is a lot more pleasant.
Now, what does that have to do with web design? A lot actually. We donít come online for the task of hunting out a specific string of text underneath a wealth of pointless content you donít care about. Negative space helps with both of these problems by leaving designs uncluttered at the same time as drawing attention to the focal point of the page.

Only a few modifications need to be made and you're good.
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