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Default Re: Ridiculous and common misconceptions about sports

Originally Posted by Burgz V2
i second the idea of the inherently "clutch" player. Those players considered clutch are ALREADY pretty good (Kobe, MJ, Reggie) and will take the majority of shots in late game situations. So while they will make a ton of game winners, they also miss a ton, but no one ever remembers the misses.

I also think that even the idea of clutch shots being a good thing is stupid. Having to hit game winners means that your team was barely able to win the game (at least playing mediocre to poor teams). I'd much rather have a player or team that can play consistently throughout the game instead of relying on them to make big shots. Kobe right now is kind of an example of that. Of the few games I have managed to watch over the last couple of weeks, Kobe seems to almost non existent throughout the first 3 quarters only to have a big scoring 4th quarter. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't. But he should be playing better over the entire game than in just one quarter. However he is still praised when if he does manage to pull it off. No, be annoyed he wasn't able to get it done in his first 30 minutes of playing time.
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