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Default Re: We're flying Stealth Bombers over South Korea

Originally Posted by Rubio2Gasol
The problem is that in North Korea decisions aren't exactly made collectively.
exactly... it's one little prick on top and a bunch of ass-kissers jockeying for position just beneath him. most of the rest are just zombies at this point.

US can blow North Korea off the map, but they're going to take serious heat for it in the international community - especially if attacks spillover into China.
dude, dude... bush junior isn't prez, anymore. cowboy diplomacy ain't the order of the day at this point.

this would be WAY different than iraq... this would be a guaranteed international coalition event, i'm thinking... with china's arms mostly tied.

china has way bigger problems to worry about and obama isn't remotely stupid enough to pull a GWB. and the global economy sure as hell doesn't need a major war right now... or does it??

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