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Default Re: We're flying Stealth Bombers over South Korea

Originally Posted by niko
I read an article that talks about if a war breaks out, how china would be involved but not how any of this think. Basically they'd be fighting a war against North Korean forces on their border who would invade china. North Korea would basically be in a situation of totally ****ed lashing out at everyone and everything. China also would be worried about unstable forces in their own region getting their hands on nukes. Just an utter total disaster.

What would happen basically is North Korea would lob artillery everywhere and do a lot of random damage to south korea, possibly china, and possiby japan. then the US bombers would come across the border and flatten everything. Then we'd need to move into the country, basically we'd paratrooper into the capital and be fighting door to door while we slowly moved up the country 100% blind while china yelled STOP in public and begged us to move faster in private at the same time they stacked troops on the border to keep koreans from flooding into china.

It would be BAD. It wouldn't be the end of the world like people predict (because i think people assume China would fight on N.Korea's side, no ****ing way). But it would be bad.

But it would never happen because the second it happens, N.Korea is no more, and if you were king of your own country, would you be rushing for it to no longer exist?

This right here is the crux of everything and the reason why it is somewhat different this time around. China has publicly rebuked North Korea several times now and for the first time, I feel like when they say "We are interested solely in peace in the region" they actually mean it. They stand to lose too much. I don't believe they have any interest in shipping Chinese troops into a conflict between North and South Korea this time around and I'm fairly certain Beijing has already made under-the-radar contact with Washington saying this.
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