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Default Re: We're flying Stealth Bombers over South Korea

nah... lil kim is acting completely predictably if you understand the situation he's in and understand basic facts of human nature.

if you were the NSA or a mediocre shrink, you would have seen all this coming many years ago and kept your fly's buzz in the president's ear... if you were the NSA, that is.

n. korea's situation is brutal... even with their death squads, labor camps, brainwashing, and critical lifeline to china. it doesn't matter if the petty puppet master is lil kim, junta du jour, or some other wooden chip trying to stand upright in the wind. sooner or later desperation always strikes in these situations.

i'm mostly an idiot in these affairs, and yet here i am trying to soothe a thread full of uptight chicken-littles. how crazy is that?
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