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Default Re: The Ultimate Official iOS / Android Thread

OMFG GUYS GUESS WHAT?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I JUST DID A DEAL ON CRAIGSLIST. THE GUY ACCIDENTLY GAVE ME AN IPAD3 CELLULAR MODEL 64GB. OMFG. He told me it was an Ipad 2 and he never used it. We just finished the deal like 2 hours ago. I went to jailbreak it and it said IPAD 3 6.01! I'm like waitttt. NO WONDER the camera is bad ass & the screen is sooo sharp. I checked to see if it had Siri and it did!

I gave him 2 consoles (XBOX360 4GB & PS3 320GB)

OMFG. I can't believe this. How does this guy NOT know? I wasn't going going to do this deal either because I already have an Ipad 3 & an Ipad 2. I'm like 64GB Ipad 2 cant go wrong .. I'll just trade it. WOW. I'm in shock right now, I kind of feel bad because he was cool.
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