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Default Re: we are miamis biggest threat

While I share your love of the Bulls, i don't think last game was any indication of anything. However I will say, that Chicago may have found something that might be used for the playoffs against Miami, and that is old school hard nosed basketball. Not just great defense that we already play, but plenty of niggling and hard fouls and plenty of trash talk. I think to beat the Heat in a series you have to get into Lebron's head and make him choke. Rough him up when he drives it, instruct Mohammed to hard foul him and get your knees into his quads when he goes in for his drives, basically deadleg him...Every time he goes up for a dunk or a layup, hit him hard and make him hurt, it might draw a tech or a suspension but it will make him think twice about driving and it may even make him withdraw into his shell, like he did in the 2011 finals.

Noah and Lebron dislike each other, Noah should hound him and trash talk him, and get in his grill and let him know that your here for a dogfight. There is a reason why Rodman was so effective, Noah can play that role...Hell even little Nate can dish out some trash talk, and tell anyone guarding after he's made a shot; "You can't even defend a midget, what does that say about your defense?" :
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