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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

Great call on In The Name Of The Father. One of the best films of the 90's.

I struggle between that and the Piano as the 2nd best film of 1993...a GREAT year for movies. The Piano is far from conventional, in story or tone and aesthetics. It's "artsy" done the way it should be done and it's a genuine masterpiece...In The Name Of The Father is a lot more simple but the harassment and the injustice is palpable and, like The Piano, it contains one of the best performances put to screen.

Holly Hunter is absolutely remarkable in The Piano.

I watched Shakespeare In Love two weeks ago, tho I don't remember rating it here. I also saw What Just Happened and Bringing Out The Dead a few days ago. This is the first time seeing Shakespeare In Love since I watched on video in 99...watching it now I think it's one hell of a film. The writing is quite terrific, tho the screenplay tries to do too many things. The sex is a little rushed and they live in it a little easily, especially considering the Paltrow character. I love her the second she appears onscreen. Joseph Fiennes is also terrific, tho I think more attention should have been paid to his pretentiousness. The rat boy is creepy for no reason other than to advance the plot. But the direction is superb and the actors are absolutely incredible, from top to bottom. I still don't get how Judi Dench won an Oscar, much less how she beat out one of the best performances in the history of the category (Kathy Bates) but she is awesome in her two scenes. Not sure if I think the film is very very good or if it's a great movie, but it's top 10 worthy.

What Just Happened...too sitcomy. It's funny but I have a hard time taking that Sean Penn movie seriously. Bruce Willis has a great cameo. The director of the Sean Penn movie is very good but his character is a bit ridiculous. I liked the realness of De Niro's relationships but they also hit the generic button a little early. The sock thing is really corny and just plain stupid. But I do think De Niro is great. His best performance in a while, tho that doesn't necessarily mean much.

Bringing Out The Dead...I saw it in theaters and it didn't quite reach me. It did here. Cage is terrific. Part of his appeal here is that he always remains a player and doesn't go over the role. The cinematography is really really great. I think Arquette was great and I dug Marc Anthony. John Goodman is always terrific, Rhames is terrific, Sizemore is terrific. It's funny and dark, depressed and poignant. I don't like the voice-over and the writing could have been refined a little, but the direction is never less than powerful. Had me from the beginning.

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