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Default Jonas V. with minutes and touches

First off i'm not even gonna rant about Casey anymore but Avery Johnson got canned like mid season for a .500 start and Casey was kept on board for a 4-19 train wreck.

On to Jonas V. specifically, this is what rotoworld (a long with a number of other outlets along with myself and others have been saying all damn year)

Jonas Valanciunas scored 14 points on 7-of-11 shooting with 13 rebounds, two assists and four blocks in 39 minutes on Friday against the Pistons.
Valanciunas could have been doing this for much of the year but has been held back by Dwane Casey. The big man is still not being used to his full potential, either, a matter that will need to be addressed offseason by the Raptors.

He clearly hasn't been getting the minutes until we fell out of the playoff chase, hasn't been getting the touches, and generally has been disregarded for no particular reason. Despite the fact that he's hungry, he has a great attitude, he's a work horse, and he does whatever you tell him to do. Every time he gets the minutes, he produces, it's that simple. And as much as quick cheap fouls have been an issue, he's only averaging 2.9/game. So it's not even like he's been on the court long enough to be getting fouled out. That's the end of my mini-rant. Get rid of Casey, get a coach who will actually use a player who should be a KEY piece of our future no matter what.

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