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Default Re: Chisholm: Derozan Could have Serious Off-Season Value

I'm still trying to figure out how teams will be reaching to pay 9.5 Mill for a SG who can't shoot. That would be one hell of a sell if it happened. On one hand, 9.5M is relatively low compared to what most SG's are making on playoff teams (and even some non-playoff teams) but again a SG who can't shoot.

I checked on and his jump shooting is at .416. He makes up for it by attacking the basket and getting layups/dunks/FT's. But more typically that's what you want out of your SF.

Now to compare his jump shot % to other SG's in the league, even high volume ones:
Joe Johnson .494
Kobe Bryant .460
JR Smith .440
Jamal Crawford .496
D-Wade .434

I mean he still doesn't stack up. The closest comparison out of those guys is something like a D-Wade who still doesn't shoot very well from the perimiter but takes 35% of his shots from the inside, is consistently in the top 10 in FTA's, and is pretty much stellar in the paint along with being great defender and rebounder for his size, and an excellent playmaker. Whereas DD is pretty good at attacking the basket, he's improved his defense, rebounding, assist numbers, but he's still a clear notch below being a top tier SG and I don't think he's ever gonna get there. That said I do hope that other GM's out there still think he will.
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