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Default Re: Battlefield 4 Gameplay

Trailers of BF singleplayer dont do any of those series justice... its not meant for singleplayer whatsoever (i am a huge BF guy and i havent even played any of their singleplayer missions, a while ago they didnt even bother making singleplayer), trailers make it therefore look just like another COD or something.... COD is basically the same in singleplayer as it is on multiplayer... you know, super tiny maps, no realism, no air/ground vehicles, no versatility, very few people in a server, no teamplay, very few weapons, no destruction, no realistic weapon bullet drop / behaviour and so on, COD is just brainless arcade close combat.......... but BF is the complete opposite and you have to log in to Multiplayer to see that, preferably to a 64+ player map/server...

I still play BF1942 / BF2 and ofcourse BF3.... i never got bored, why? Because there is just so many ways to have fun... for example:

I played BF2 first as sniper, mastered it for a year, then i got bored and switched to other classes... then i got bored and started mastering the tank and other vehicles (AA and so on).... then i got bored and started to master the Chopper... then i got bored and started to master the Airplane.......... next thing i know 4-5 years have passed and BF3 arrives....... perfect....

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