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Arrow Re: We're flying Stealth Bombers over South Korea

Originally Posted by D.J.
The scary part is Kim truly believes he can take out anyone he wants if it came down to it. Little does he realize his country is gone the second that first nuke goes off. Regardless of who sides with who, a war involving nukes is not going to end well for anyone.
If he truly believes that, he's either being lied to by his generals or he's completely batshit insane. Or he's being lied to by his generals BECAUSE he's batshit insane.

I think the reality is he knows this is what his country does when it needs food and money; denounce joint exercises and start issuing rambling violent statements that translate into war fiction written by deranged fourth graders. The dance has been going on this way for decades and it won't stop because the result will just be millions more Koreans dead from starvation and malnutrition than are already dying...the UN can't just let that happen, but neither can we just roll in and kick these idiots out of power.
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