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Default Re: Rate the last movie you watched.

The Host - 6/10

First off, I was at this because my gf read the book and wanted to see it. Went into it knowing that it was like 5.9 on imdb and 14% on RT. Thought it'd be horrible. You know what? It wasn't. Certainly better than Oz, which I saw this weekend as well.

The film's biggest downfall was that it had too many cheesy, romantic, or corny moments. This was mostly for the Twilight crowd, I'm sure. The voice in the girl's head was also weird, I can see why that'd work a lot better in a book.

Overll though, I thought the concept was compelling. It was sort of a like Avatar in terms of Alien and human coexistence and "war" on a planet. The caves place that Uncle Jeb had in the movie was pretty cool.
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