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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Since Roy has been at UNC, he's 6-0 against Izzo.

That includes a win in the 2010 NIT season, twice blowing MSU in the 2009 (including in the championship game), and two other wins in the NCAA tournament, one of which was another blowout in the Final Four. The other was a Big Ten/ACC game, since I named 5 of the 6 already.

Want to compare the last decade of the "elite coaches"?

Which I'm sure no one will click so I'll take a couple clippings out of it:
Over the past nine seasons, Roy ranks first or tied for first among D-I coaches in National Championships, Finals appearances, Final Fours, Elite Eights, and Sweet Sixteens.

In fact, Roy's post-season superiority over this span is great enough that even if the Heels had failed to make the tournament again this year, and the Final Four consisted of Duke-Kansas-Kentucky-Florida with Duke beating Kentucky for the National Championship, Roy would still be the most successful NCAA Tournament coach of the past 10 seasons.

But sure, the uninformed basketball fans can continue to trash him with no legitimate excuse.

Also worth a listen... (click to 1 hour and 6 minutes-ish)

Not particularly a big fan of Bomani Jones either. Fun follow on twitter, tho.
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