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Default Re: This West Coast Swing is NOT the season - Don't Buy Into the Doom....

Originally Posted by Clutch
I don't think he likes Nets more than the Knicks but he certainly watches them more than any of us do.

Any competitive game. Not Nets/Cat where they win by 30. No thank you. I also watch every Laker game and almost every OKC game (I like to watch OKC). And pretty much a lot of other compelling games. I remember being told i'm a Laker fan and an OKC fan and anti spur and a Nugget fan pre Melo trade and on and on. I don't like the homers who only watch their teams and have this tunnel vision that gives them no perspective.

Rest assured my psycho homerism will come out in the playoffs especially if we play the Heat. That will break me.
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