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Default Re: This West Coast Swing is NOT the season - Don't Buy Into the Doom....

Originally Posted by Clutch
I watch other teams a lot too. Mostly the ones that appear on national TV a lot because that games are usually the best.

Since LeBron came to Miami I watched them a lot because I was hoping they would fail. After they won the title I don't watch them as much.
This season I watch the Lakers a lot because it's funny to see them lose

From lesser popular teams I like to watch the Warriors but they play too late (4:30 am in my country) so I watched only like 10 of their games this season.

But my schedule is basically every Knicks game + most of the good games on national TV.

Have you been to any games at Barclays? The Nets crowd is bizarre, it's light years better than Jersey but even when they are loud they react (loudly) to good plays from the other team. Nets making a run, here comes Monta Ellis with a three and there's a roar from the crowd. It's off putting for me as a Knick fan but Net fans come in two flavors, lifelong who remember Jersey and new who don't know better so i guess they don't care.

May head over tonight to the Knicks btw. Depends what time people leave my house. It's Boston but it's Sunday night so i think you can get in the building for $100 if it's just 1 ticket.
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