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Default Help! What would you do?

Okay, so I'm in the playoffs in one of my head to head leagues. This is what the score looks like.

Me - FG% 5.17 Him - FG% 5.16
Me - FT% .680 Him - FT% .838
Me - 3PTM 29 Him - 3PTM 33
Me - PTS 497 Him - PTS 432
Me - REB 217 Him - REB 158
Me - AST 94 Him - AST 91
Me - STL 38 Him - STL 14
Me - BLK 24 Him - BLK 29
Me - TO 75 Him - 53

I bolded the possible categories that I could catch him. Or he could catch me.

So at this point I'm winning 5-4 by .01% in FG%. I have three guys going today (LeBron, Kenyon Martin, and Taj Gibson) He only has one (Danny Green).

Should I play all three of my guys in hopes of possibly catching him in blocks? or do I sit Martin and Taj and hope Lebron has a good shooting night as compared to Green? (So I'll win by FG%)

I can't see Green having a career ast night so I think I'm okay in that cat. What would you do?

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