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Default Re: Raps Forum Keeper League Season Six

Hey everyone, I posted this in the Fantasy Forum thought I'd post it here as well. Any Help would be appreciated.

Okay, so I'm in the playoffs in one of my head to head leagues. This is what the score looks like.

Me - FG% 5.17 Him - FG% 5.16
Me - FT% .680 Him - FT% .838
Me - 3PTM 29 Him - 3PTM 33
Me - PTS 497 Him - PTS 432
Me - REB 217 Him - REB 158
Me - AST 94 Him - AST 91
Me - STL 38 Him - STL 14
Me - BLK 24 Him - BLK 29
Me - TO 75 Him - 53

I bolded the possible categories that I could catch him. Or he could catch me.

So at this point I'm winning 5-4 by .01% in FG%. I have three guys going today (LeBron, K. Martin, and Taj Gibson) He only has one (Danny Green).

Should I play all three of my guys in hopes of possibly catching him in blocks? or do I sit Martin and Taj and hope Lebron has a good shooting night as compared to Green? (So I'll win by FG%)

I can't see Green having a career ast night so I think I'm okay in that cat. What would you do?
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