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Default Re: Chisholm: Derozan Could have Serious Off-Season Value

Originally Posted by bokes15
.... Whereas DD is pretty good at attacking the basket, he's improved his defense, rebounding, assist numbers, but he's still a clear notch below being a top tier SG and I don't think he's ever gonna get there. That said I do hope that other GM's out there still think he will.

Nice post good stats.

I see Ike is opting out in Denver according to I suppose in some scenerios DD might be a piece to aquire lesser performance at reasonable cost assuming you belive "the aquiring team system" will improve DD's game. Denver being my example fo where a DD trade could make sense.... not suggesting that Ike comes back here.... suggesting that Denver aquires a DD to replace an Ike lost as a FA.

In fairness to DD his stats also reflect a lack of depth support around him; and now his stats sort of reflect him palying the same role as Gay... duplication.

However I dont or cant see any scenerio where DD, Kliza, Bargnani are some sort of package... and that is probably what we all want even if it is journeymen, capspace, and or draft picks back.
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