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Default Re: Torrent invite swap?


Again, I have invites to two private bittorent communites that I'm looking to potentially swap for a reliable, private, music site.

HD-Torrents is a phenomenal resource for Hi-Def movies, documentaries, some music and music-video, and a good amount of adult material. Ranging from 720p files starting at 500MB for TV/XXX and 4 gigs for movies, up to complete BluRay rips that can go up to 50-60+ easy. It has great DL speeds and uploads shows as soon as 15 minutes after they're on TV.

GOEM (Garden of Eden Movies) has HD and standard definition rips of movies TV shows. Its a smaller community but you'll find older and more rare items of interest there. Again, good speeds and quality rips.

Ratios must be kept in check on both sites. Let me know.

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