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Default Re: Raptors official off-season thread 2013-14

I really like having Gay on this team. Before Gay, we didn't really have someone who could develop into an all-star. At least with Gay we have a chance of having a franchise player. With not having a 1st round draft pick in this upcoming draft, we are looking at almost the same roster as this year. Unless we do a huge trade or do a great free agent pickup (which financially, won't happen).

So we need to take our assets and try and get some sort of deal that can actually improve this team. Even if Calderon came back, we would get him on a cheaper deal than what he was on. And the way that Klow is playing, I would rather ship him off and get some sort of good asset. We need to blow up this team. This rebuilding process is is not even rebuilding when they are trying to push "win now".
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