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Default Re: Jodie Meeks (The New Pippen)

Originally Posted by kkinchen
Metta and nash on the court at the same time has really hurt us defensively this year. That is why the basketball gods decided to help Dantoni out by giving Metta a little rest. Meeks is going to flourish playing alongside Bryant. U heard it here first. Coach Kinchen knows some hoops.

So what you're saying is Meeks is a better defender than Artest???? Meeks can match up with Durant, Lebron, Melo, Gay, Galinari, Beasley, Pierce, etc, etc, etc. I don't think so. I'm not sure what your infatuation with Meeks is. He's a specialist in the NBA. He can shoot. That's about it. He's never been a defender. He's a spark off of a bench. He's not a starter for a championship team, especially not replacing someone at SF when he's a SG. You do realize he's only 6'4" and 210 pounds right? Not to mention he was a 2nd round pick. This guy isn't going to be a difference maker in the NBA. He'll be a role player/specialist but nothing more than that.
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