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Default Re: A Game of Thrones

Originally Posted by Anti Hero
I think Ned falls much more into battle commander than fighter.. He never fought in tourney's, and is only ever described as average. I'd bet he'd be able to figure out good ways to utilize forces, where to attack from etc.. but I'm convinced he wouldn't make Jaime's list either.

The way that I read Jaime is that he loves the art of swordsmanship. This is why I don't think he likes fighters as much as swordsmen, and would ever place them up on his list. The Cleganes are just brutes in Jaime's world, but that doesn't mean he wouldn't value them, or people that are good commanders either (for instance, his father or Ned).

For those that haven't read the books, in the HBO series, when Jaime kills the kid in the cell, he talks about Barristan Selmy using his sword like a paint brush and painted blood everywhere with it like an artist. In the book, that is the Black Fish, Cat's uncle and we'll meet him this season. Keep that in mind when you see him.

Its looking like we'll be introduced to the Brotherhood next episode. Can't wait for that.
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