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Default Re: Unclear if D-Rose will play this season

Originally Posted by Go Getter
Weren't you one of the genuises who wanted us to draft Beasley?

It doesn't matter what other players are doing. Our team and our system has us on par with the 2nd tier teams without Rose and an ailing Deng. We need Rose at optimum efficiency if we are to go anywhere within the forseeable future.

Dude has more guts than most of us....I played in the biggest HS arena in America aqnd it was scary as shit...these guys have a lot more heart than ome give them credit for.

My gosh, you remember my past posts? Im honored.
Why, you never misjudged players value before? Jerry West did when he drafted David Rivers and traded for Benoit Benjamin.
Forseeable future? Huh, how does that equate to what is happening now?
So Rose has guts than most of us, ok then, you are probably right.
But I still don't understand why he can't play at 90% when most players are banged up right now,. If he thinks he will be more of liability, then yes.
But all players who come out of injury will be rusty at first...
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