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Default Re: Bleak Playoff picture

Originally Posted by tamaraw08
Utah owns the tie breaker and plays 5 of their final 8 games at home including against bad teams like TWolves twice and HOrnets.
If Dallas gets by road games vs the Lakers and Nuggets, they will have an easy sched vs bad teams like Hornets twice, Suns etc.
Lakers face face good teams like Dallas, Memphis, Clippers, Spurs and Houston and again needs to have a better record than the Jazz to advance.

meh if you think logically ...they are not making playoffs....can they beat memphis/clippers/spurs??? lo heck no

even if they somehow make the their defense any good? heck no

can they make any kind of noise when they are give 110-120 pts on regular basis to turrible teams??? heck no

D'Toni ran Kobe/Nash into dust and both are banged up pretty bad...Pau is not 100% & neither is Dwight....

reality sucks but....they messed around too much at the start of the season....

after an yr watching nash ...I think it was a bad bad signing...not only we have him 2 more yrs after this but we gave away 2 1st round picks...out of which 1 could be lottery

part of the blame goes on Jackbe too....he single handidly is responsible for the Wizs/Bucks loss...he need to understand he has players who are really really good players around him nash/dwight/pau...
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