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Default Re: 2012/13 Observation Deck

Originally Posted by Tarik One
USC Hoops = $hit on a stick.

First sign of $$$$ and he bolts. He had the opportunity to build a dynasty at FGCU, especially now since they are much talked about school. Just look at VCU. Shaka chose to stay and they'll be a force to be reckoned with as long as he's there.

That's not entirely a fair comparison. Guys like Smart and Stevens reportedly make well over a million a year. Enfield makes around 100K and would make at the very minimum 10 times as much by taking the offer with USC.

Edit: Enfield made 157K and will be making well over a million with the USC deal. How much do you exactly expect Enfield's salary to increase if he stayed at FGCU. Even with the extra attention paid to them, this is a school that was worried about transportation costs because of the NCAA tournament. You really can't blame the guy.

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