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Default Re: Bleak Playoff picture

It looks kinda bleak, and the Jazz are great at home yes, but they still have to face the Nuggets (Lawson is out but they're still a solid team anyway), Warriors, Thunder and Grizzlies. Those could be four losses for them right there, with them finishing 42-40.

Meanwhile, despite their tough schedule, the Lakers have most of their remaining games at home, and if the Lakers could finish around 5-3, I think that would get them into the playoffs with a 43-39 record (as long as Dallas doesn't catch up...)

Really it all depends on the Lakers. If they can finish 5-3 or even better like 6-2 or something, that would be great. But you never know with this team, they could easily go 2-6 and blow it completely. I'm just hoping for the best.
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