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Default Re: NBA scouts: IU's Victor Oladipo is ready, Cody Zeller maybe not

I'm still not sold on Oladipo's offense. I know his %s were (really) great, but a lot of that is stuff at the rim and he's not going to be able to convert at such a high rate against NBA bigs.

He's a truly great defender though, his size limits his versatility on that end a bit, but that's not a huge deal. And he's an absolute gym rat, I'm a Purdue fan so I've seen plenty of Oladipo. The jumps he made each year were incredible, he's not a kid that's going to get paid and just stop working. He's really the only 2 in this draft I think is a safe pick. Certainly not the highest ceiling, not even close really, but he's going to at the absolute worst be a quality rotation player that changes the complexion of games with his defense.
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