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Default Re: Grant Hill shakes the pants off of Scottie Pippen and Dunks on him

Originally Posted by Money 23

Yes? How can anyone not ... or specifically how can YOU not?

Sometimes I really wonder about you. Are you just contrarian for the sake of it? Or just flat out dumb? You claim to act like you know soooo much about ball, too. Even going to extents of creating your own thread discussing your views about the game.

You suck at it ... always have. I still remember you claiming Iverson didn't have handle, Beasely would be better than Rose (how is that working for ya?)

And now acting like this clip isn't SUPERB proof of a 35 year old man, playing utterly BEASTLY lock down defense?

Had nothing to do with court spacing. Look at MJ quickly and viciously fighting through a pick, and putting Grant Hill in a straight jacket.

Bad spacing? He had an ENTIRE side of the floor to operate and couldn't shake free of Jordan. Just STFU and KO yourself.
To be fair, Randy Brown did leave his man twice in an effort to help. Im sure that was by design. And that was excellent man defense from Jordan, but he didnt lock him down on his own.
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