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No person on earth needs 100 million dollars and neither does Lebron because he will make that several times over regardless of the Nike kicker deal. Playing in a big market ain't as big of a deal now as it used to be. This is the internet age and people have access to players with the click of a button. He will carry a large fanbase regardless of where he is because he is the once in a generation type of talent that transcends those barriers. I would believe that he would want to stay loyal to his hometown. 100 million is nice but come on, the Cavs will draw the right kind of talent with a guy like Lebron on board. If they have the dollars in free agency any year, I am sure Cleveland would be top choice for players that want to be on a nationally televised contender with the possible heir to the throne on their side. Lebron just doesn't strike me as the kind of ruthless money making machine that some of you claim he is.
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