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Default Re: Grant Hill shakes the pants off of Scottie Pippen and Dunks on him

Originally Posted by andgar923
Pip has always been overrated as a one on one defender. He gets called 'Lock down" defender and as it has been proven, he doesn't always take the best offensive player like myth has led many to believe.

Pip doesn't just have a problem against athletic players, he has tons of issues vs strong players as well.

Pip is best as a help defender or putting pressure on passing lanes, specially on smaller players.

But a lock down defender that always takes the hardest cover is a myth.
And you base this on one video clip? I dont see why people continie to say Hill was a problem for Pippen. Hill avg 21 pts on 49% shooting. Thats good but hardly legendary. I mean, prime Pippen avg 22 ppg and you feel he couldn't score. Whats more, is the Bulls record vs the Pistins during that span was 14-2. And most of thise games were blowouts. Most of Hills pts came with the game well in hand.
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