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Default Re: Kobe: I had too much talent and too much to showcase

I'm not mad at Kobe for this, in fact, I kind've agree with him. Yes, you want to win but we all know that individual accolades and stats count for a lot also. In a perfect world, you want both. He won his 3 rings, then did his own thing and built his historical status up and even won 2 more rings. Id say Kobe did it about as well as you could. I'm not a fan of how he handled the whole Shaq situation but I completely understand how he feels...You have all this immense talent yet there's always somebody over your shoulder, calling you the little brother, calling himself superman, etc..Its like b!tch, I got talent too and I need to be able to show it...No different than the average person who is very talented with say computes, or music, etc and not being able to fully let your talents be seen...It can eat you up on the inside, no matter how much "success" you may have...It depends on how that success came..Did you gain that success because you NEEDED to use every ounce of talent you had, or did you win because someone else did most of the heavy lifting, even though on the inside, you feel you could do the same if given the opportunity...People really need to think and put themselves in other's situations and honestly ask yourself, how would you feel...
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